<div class="cboth" style="text-align:justify;">The "ABVP" was started soon after independence with the objective of channelising students' energies in the task of national reconstruction by a group of students and teachers who drew their inspiration from the RSS, the premier nationalist organisation of the country. <hr /></div><div class="cboth" style="text-align:justify;">Its growth process was slow and sporadic in the first few years but it picked up after Prof. Yeshwantrao Kelkar, a lecturer in Bombay, became its main organiser in 1958. He was its real architect and builder. As a consequence of singe-minded devotion of Prof. Kelkar, who passionately tried to build up this organisation till his death in 1987, the ABVP is what it is today. <hr /></div><div class="cboth" style="text-align:justify;">jnvu online admission open session 2014-15<hr /></div><div class="cboth" style="text-align:justify;">welcome to all students new session 2014-2015<hr /></div>

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IIT (Jodhpur)

The Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan represents a distinctive culture of engineering and science education along with other areas of scholarship and generates research to best fulfil the current and emerging needs of society, enhancing its prosperity through environmentally sustainable means. Founded in 2008 in collaboration with France, IIT Rajasthan functions through centres of excellence with innovative curriculum design, interdisciplinary research and thought leadership, delivering to society leaders who are entrepreneurial and well-rounded.

The Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan focuses on imparting education that prepares students toward entrepreneurship and public service. Administering its programs through Centres of Excellence, IIT Rajasthan transcends the compartmentalization of education brought about by departments, and aims at excellence in teaching and research that would benefit both the academia and the industry. The institute emphasizes multidisciplinarity in its undergraduate curriculum and interdisciplinary specializations at the postgraduate level. Additionally, IIT Rajasthan's close association with leading Indian and foreign industries and research institutes effectively helps researchers gain hands-on experience and solve technical challenges. Having recognized the importance of international collaborations in academia, IIT Rajasthan has undertaken a joint venture with a French consortium comprising of twenty highly-ranked and diversified academic institutions of France. The aim of this collaboration is to upgrade Indo-French cooperation on capabilities of knowledge management, higher technical education, training, applied research, technology, and knowledge dissemination. Today, as IIT Rajasthan continues to expand, it is driven by a zeal to impart education wherein innovation and entrepreneurship are the chief goals. Functioning presently from its temporary campus at MBM Engineering College in Jodhpur Rajasthan, the institute in the forthcoming years will shift to a sprawling residential campus near Nagaur in Jodhpur. It is envisioned that the new campus of IIT Rajasthan would stand as a symbol of academic excellence while creating a multi-cultural ethos with centres such as an Eco Village, an Arts and Culture Centre and an International Inter-Cultural Activity Centre, all of which would lead to a holistic development of its community.

Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan, popularly referred to as IIT Jodhpur, is one of the prestigious IITs of India. The initiative of establishing the institute was taken by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India, in 2008. The first academic session of the college was started in 2008, within the premises of its mentor institute IIT Kanpur, with four-year B Tech programme in three branches of engineering.